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son of any poisonous snake and they don’t re▓lease after a bite." said Prof.James Scott Brown, a ge▓neral practitioner in Internal Medicine and Common Mental Health Problems from the Surgery clinic.The Jame▓


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soni Mamba (Dendroaspis Jamesoni) is the third d▓angerous poisonous snake which can be found in Uganda. You can find them in rain forests, woodlands, forest savanna and deforested areas. It's an adaptab


le specie that can also be found in areas where there has been extensive deforestati▓on and human development, they are always ▓found around buildings, town parks, farmlands and plan▓tations."The symptoms of its poisonous bite are ass▓ociated with neurologic signs like loss o▓f consciousness and trouble br

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t's the larges

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t member of the genus Biti▓s

eathing. Just like the puff▓ adder and the Gaboon viper, it also gives destruction▓ of tissue at the site of the b

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with the longest fangs up to 2 i

ite," said Dr. Nsubuga.The Dendroaspis polylepis (black mamba) is another snake specie found in the Reptile Village of

image 8

nches."It rare▓ly bites, but

Uganda. It is graceful but skittish. ▓It is agile and can move quickly. It is s▓hy and secretive by nature and li

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